Which Google Cloud Certification is Right for Me?

Google has been delivering quality products, and that’s a fact. It was only a matter of time before Google entered the cloud race in 2011 and became a force to reckon with. Since its launch, Google Cloud Platform has been aiming to become the best cloud platform. That does not seem farfetched, considering how quickly it gained popularity for being the most affordable cloudification solution. Moreover, Google Cloud Certifications carved the way for numerous career opportunities. However, given the vastness of GCP, it is easy to get stuck with the question: “Which Google Cloud Certification is Right for Me?”

Therefore, in this article, we will cover:

  1. What exactly is (GCP) Google Cloud Certification?
  2. How to Start Google Cloud Training?
  3. How Many Levels Are There in GCP Certification?
  4. Types of Google Cloud Certifications.
  5. Picking the Right Google Cloud Certification.

Once you learn the answer to all those questions, you will know which exactly is the right Google Cloud Certification for you.

What is a (GCP) Google Cloud Certification?

Cutting right to the chase, Google Cloud Certification is a role-based certification system that verifies – how proficient an individual is at performing a specific job role using the GCP technology. However, unlike those week-long courses that award you digital certifications, a Google Cloud Certification carries much more weight.

A single Google Cloud Certificate demonstrates your skills, knowledge, and abilities required to fulfill a job role. The GCP certification works both ways – it empowers you to advance your career and gives confidence to employers to build a team of skillful certified professionals.

Above all, Google Cloud Certifications are comparatively harder to clear compared to AWS and Azure. Therefore, getting certified is certainly worth the time and effort.

How to Start Google Cloud Training?

Finding the right Google Cloud Course is just as important as deciding which certification you want. As aforementioned, Google Cloud Certification is an entirely role-based certification system. To clarify, you need to go for a course that specifically targets the certification you want and does not throw extra information at you.

A concise Google Cloud certification course will not only help you master your craft but also save you a lot of time in finally getting certified. Ultimately, starting your Google Cloud training towards becoming a Cloud Digital Leader.

How Many Levels are There in GCP Certification?

You can classify the Google Cloud Certifications into three levels:

  1. Foundational

As the name suggests – Foundational level certification is proof that you have a broad knowledge of fundamental cloud concepts. In addition, you are also knowledgeable regarding Google Cloud services, tools, products, features, and benefits. As it stands, only Digital Cloud Leader Certification falls at this level. This certificate is immensely important since it gives you a proper understanding of the cloud and use cases.

  1. Associate

Second, comes the Associate – Google Cloud Engineer certification is considered as Associate level. 

This level of certification acts as proof that you have complete mastery over basic skills required for deployment, monitoring, and finally managing projects on the Google Cloud Platform. You can get started with the fastest training route by taking advantage of the Associate Cloud Engineer course.

  1. Professional

Finally, Professional-level certification. Foundational and Associate have a broad scope, however, this is a more advanced level. The Professional level is where you choose a specific advanced role and become a certified professional for that job role. This is deeply involved in the business realities surrounding those specific roles and also the “technology” aspects. For you to truly excel and get certified at this level, you must start with the foundation and associate courses first.

Types of Google Cloud Certifications

Pay close attention to what each certification is for – this will be critical in deciding which Google Cloud Certification is right for you.

Have a look at the image above – there are various paths you can take and the flow is designed based on certifications. If you already have an idea of what you want to become, you can use the image as a reference to decide which certification you want to go for.

1. Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)

The Associate Cloud Engineer certification is essential in your journey to becoming a cloud professional. This certification guides you to a competent level of GCP utilization. In addition, it is easily achievable, all you need to do is make sure you are on the right track.

2. Professional Cloud Architect (PCA)

GCP itself is software – all the data is provided with a managed flow, so that it may serve a purpose. This is similar to the architecture we know in real life. To clarify, a Professional Cloud Architect is responsible for building complex cloud solutions and services by using the Google Cloud Platform.

(Note: Currently Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is the highest-paying certification)

3. Professional Cloud Developer (PCD)

The Professional Cloud Developer Certification is suitable for those developers who want to develop full-stack web apps on GCP and scale them as required.

4. Professional Data Engineer (PDE)

Professional Data Engineer Certification falls more toward a detail-oriented end in GCP certification collection. This certification is the pathway for data engineers who have to design and develop data-collecting models on GCP. Moreover, this certification also covers machine learning models.

5. Professional Cloud Database Engineer (PCDE)

The Professional Cloud Database Engineer Certification covers a broader spectrum. It assesses your ability to design scalable database solutions on the cloud, migrate data solutions, manage a single cloud solution that can span several database solutions, and finally deploy scalable database solutions. 

6. Professional DevOps Engineer (PCDOE)

Professional DevOps Engineers are responsible for highly efficient development operations. These operations should easily balance delivery speed with service reliability. Having this certification implies that you are skilled at using GCP to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor those services, and finally, manage them easily.

7. Professional Machine Learning Engineer (PMLE)

Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification assesses your ability to design, build, and productionize machine learning models that can solve business challenges using GCP technologies. This certification requires you to be proficient in every aspect of model architecture, metrics interpretation, and data pipeline interaction. It is highly suitable for you if you want to pursue the ML Engineer path.

8. Professional Network Engineer (PCNE)

Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification is suitable for those, who want to implement and manage network architectures in the Google Cloud Platform. A cloud network engineer must be proficient in using the CLI and leveraging experience with network services. In addition, container and application networking, hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity, implementing VPCs, and security to properly establish network architectures and ensure successful implementations.

9. Professional Security Engineer (PCSE)

The Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification is aimed directly at security engineers who aim to build, implement, and maintain security services. Holding this certification means that you are capable of securing your organization’s cloud infrastructure using GCP security technologies.

10. Professional Workspace Administrator (PWA)

This certification is unique from all the others. A professional Workspace Admin is responsible for the transformation of business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, as well as security practices. This certificate is suitable for business-minded people who want to enable people to work together, communicate, access, and share data in a highly efficient yet secure manner.

The Verdict – Picking the Right Google Cloud Platform Certification

There are a total of 10 certifications that you should consider from your starting point. Narrow it down from here – The Digital Cloud Leader will be your first step towards becoming a certified professional. 

After that, it is recommended that you go for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification. This is only because it is the easiest certification to acquire and preparing for it will also make you more knowledgeable regarding GCP. 

Finally, if you want to pursue a more administrative career route, the Professional Workspace Administration certification is comparatively the least technical. Whereas, based on your experience and current skills, or even your motivation (what you want to be). You can pick a certification between development, machine learning, data management, and network. Just keep in mind that all GCP certifications are high in demand.

Nevertheless, failing a Google Certification exam prevents you from enrolling any time soon. It is highly recommended that you test your skills before registering for a google certification. To make it easier for you, here are some precise simulated exams that will help you prepare for what is to come in the real exam.