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Learn AWS Redshift Essentials, AWS Glue (Extract, Transform, Load Process) and AWS QuickSight with Practical Code Labs


What you’ll learn

  • Basic SQL
  • Aggregations (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX) using SQL
  • Cloud Computing Basics
  • Data Warehousing Basics
  • AWS Redshift Essentials
  • Loading Datasets to S3 Bucket
  • Multiple Data Importing Techniques in Redshift
  • AWS Glue (Extract, Transform, Load Process)
  • Exporting S3 Data to AWS Redshift
  • Security Group Settings
  • Data Visualization on AWS QuickSight
  • Dataset Report Generation and Sharing


  • Existing AWS Account


This course is designed for the students who are at their initial stage or at the beginner level in learning data analytics, cloud computing data visualization and Analytics using the Amazon AWS Cloud Services.
This course focuses on what cloud computing is followed by some essential concepts of data analytics. It also has practical hands-on lab exercises which covers a major portion of importing and performing some Analytics on the datasets.
The ETL tool used is AWS Glue and analytics is performed using a visual tool known as QuickSight. The lab portion covers all the essentials of the two platforms starting from importing the datasets, loading it, performing powerful SQL queries and then analyzing the same data using the visual graphical tools available on the QuickSight platform.
The course goes into AWS core product of data-warehousing Redshift which is a  fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. You can start with just a few hundred gigabytes of data and scale to a petabyte or more.
This course will give you the experience to leverage the data analytical strengths of AWS Cloud and strengthen your resume. This will also enable with skills to acquire new insights for your business and customers.
Please join us in this end-to-end course which will take you through the learning journey of AWS core products.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Data Visualization, Data Warehousing.
  • Students at their initial stage of learning Amazon Web Services.
  • Students at their initial stage of learning AWS Redshift.
  • Beginners in learning AWS Glue for ETL Service

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