How to Get AWS Solutions Architect Certification (Associate)

AWS solutions architect certification is one of the highest-paying cloud professional certifications available to date. This specific certification is also the most sought AWS certification.

It’s quite clear that Amazon AWS is the throned king in the cloud computing arena. In fact, AWS currently holds the highest market share in the cloud industry and truly is the justified leader.

Moreover, thanks to many large and small businesses shifting to AWS, there has been an increasing demand for professionals holding the certification of AWS solution architect.

Whether you want to boost your IT career or you are just starting, you’ll learn everything and a lot more on how to get AWS architect certification.

Who is an AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

Before moving towards AWS solution architect certification, it is important to know who exactly is an AWS solutions architect. That is to say, this information will let you know what you are diving into. Hence, assisting you to the fullest to prepare for Amazon AWS certifications.

An AWS solutions architect is a professional who is capable and responsible for the design and deployment of business infrastructure and applications in the Amazon AWS cloud.

Furthermore, an AWS solutions architect is also responsible for:

  • Being an expert on Amazon AWS best practices to lay out a plan for cloud implementation.
  • Designing and scaling the Amazon AWS cloud implementation.
  • Using best-known practices to connect business objectives with tech-enabled outcomes.
  • The security of an organization and safeguarding it from software and application downtime risks. This also includes breaches, circulation errors, and more.
  • Creating highly advanced cloud-based solutions.
  • Transferring workloads from either locally hosted servers or from another cloud provider to the destination platform.

What is an AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification?

AWS Solutions Architect Certification – Associate falls in the category of technical certifications offered by Amazon AWS. Bear in mind that the certification for AWS solution architect is for both professionals and beginners. This includes individuals running enterprise architecture programs and solutions architects.

The AWS solutions architect certification – associate is the first level certification. To clarify, it comes before the AWS certified solutions architect – professional. You can expect this certification to cover all the aspects of AWS systems deployment, best practices, cloud infrastructure, and a lot more.

Here’s a quick overview of all the aspects AWS certification for solution architect covers:

  • Working with Amazon AWS Cloud,
  • Amazon Alexa,
  • Serverless websites,
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2),
  • Identity Acess Management (IAM),
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3),
  • Autoscaling,
  • Load balancing,
  • DynamoDB,
  • Amazon Rational Database Service (RDS),
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPS).

The latest certification for AWS architect was initially released in February of 2018, and the exams began in August of the same year. The certification was previously known as “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate”.

Furthermore, Amazon is frequently updating its certifications. Therefore, you need to know how to prepare for Amazon AWS certifications using only the latest guides.

AWS Solution Architect salary is 239,278 USD at Amazon and is by far the highest salary in the cloud industry. Here’s everything you need to know about an AWS Solution Architect Associate salary:

TypeEstimate SalaryCommon RangeRatio to Total
(USD / Year)(USD / Year)(%)
Base129,39084,000 – 200,00054.1
Bonus23,97218,000 – 34,00010
Comission40,52230,000 – 57,00016.9
Stock45,39434,000 – 64,00019

Nothing can be perfectly precise but if we do the math – the average salary for an AWS Solutions Architect is $130,931 per year in the United States.

Analysis of AWS Solutions Architect Salary

Above all, data from surveys differ from site to site. That is the main reason each site shows a different salary range for professionals with AWS solutions architect certification.

The range for this role can vary widely depending on experience, location, and other factors. Entry-level positions start at around $90,000 per year, while experienced professionals can earn up to $160,000 or more.

On the other hand, according to data from Glassdoor, the average salary for an AWS Solutions Architect in the United States is $130,931 per year, with a range of $90,000 to $160,000 or more.

However, it should be noted that location can greatly impact salary, with cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City offering higher salaries on average.

Additionally, experience and certifications can also play a role in determining salary, with individuals who possess multiple AWS certifications or have several years of experience in the field earning higher salaries.

Overall, the demand for AWS Solutions Architects continues to grow as more and more businesses adopt AWS services, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

As such, individuals with experience and certifications in AWS can expect to see strong demand for their skills and potentially high earning potential in the coming years.

It’s also worth noting that with advancements in Cloud technology, AWS continues to release new services, this may also open up new opportunities for Solutions Architects to specialize in specific areas such as Security, Machine learning, and Big data analytics.

Some AWS Solution Architect Interview Questions

AWS solution architect interview questions are precisely made to explore whether the candidate knows how to design and implement Amazon AWS cloud solutions.

Here’s a quick overview of the most asked AWS solutions architect interview questions:

1.What are the main differences between terminating and stopping an instance?
2.What is the difference between a spot instance and an on-demand instance?
3.What is cloud computing? Compare any two popular service providers.
4.What is AWS EC2?
5.What is AWS S3?
See the full list and answers here.

These are only base-level questions to give you a rough idea of what to expect. However, the questions get harder depending on where you are applying and what are the company’s requirements.

You can check the complete list of AWS solution architect interview questions here, along with comprehensive answers.

Skills Required to Get an AWS Solutions Architect Certification

In this AWS solutions architect certification article, we’ll only overview the skills. However, if you want to dive deeper, then check the complete skill matrix for AWS cloud solution architect: AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Your certification as AWS solution architect will have a major role to play at the time of the interview. However, there are other skills that you need to be aware of, as they will determine your first impression.

1. Communication

Your communication skills have a massive impact. It’s either a deal maker or a deal breaker. That is to say, as an AWS solution architect, part of your job is to communicate with sales teams as well as clients.

Therefore, your employer will be concerned, about whether you have what it takes. You must exhibit strong interpersonal skills in both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Apart from the interview, communication skills are applied daily and determine the success of your career. 

2. Adaptability

AWS solution architect is one job. However, you will be faced with various tasks. There will be instances where you have long meetings with clients, write scripts, or work on data migrations.

In addition, you will also have to troubleshoot problems and switch between different operating systems. Given the diverse roles played by a solutions architect, it is important that you have great adaptability.

3. Time Management

Time is of the essence and for an AWS solution architect, it’s a significantly important skill to have. As you have already learned, a solution architect has various duties and all are obviously time taken.

Therefore, you must display strong time management skills. For instance, planning the day and prioritizing tasks, based on the time and effort they need while paying attention to the deadlines.

4. Problem-Solving

Another core responsibility of an AWS solutions architect is to address the needs of customers and businesses by solving complex problems that pop up on a daily basis.

Demonstrating strong problem-solving skills shows the employer, your worth in the company. Moreover, problem-solving skills will help advance your career in no time.

A good way to go about improving your problem-solving skills is by enrolling in the latest courses to truly challenge yourself.

5. Always Well-Informed

The cloud continues to expand and technologies are constantly changing. Therefore, apart from holding an AWS solution architect certification, make sure that you know about the latest top technologies to look out for.

To clarify, don’t simply rely on skills by doing outdated courses. Research on a daily basis and get additional training. Solve as many latest simulated practice exams as you can.

In addition, keep an eye open for the latest technology releases and changes.

How Do I Become an AWS Solutions Architect?

Even if you are the master of your craft, it’s not so simple to just get the AWS architect certification. Since this certification is so highly valued, there must be a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

Here’s a defined roadmap to acquire the AWS solution architect certification.

Step 1: Learn Everything You Can About AWS Architect Certification

The first step involves learning everything you can about an AWS solution architect certification. However, this also includes knowing which Amazon AWS certification is right for you.

Since certifications are expensive, it is better to decide which road you want to take. Ask yourself, do you have the patience and can put in the required effort to land the job you want?

Here’s a quick overview of the AWS solution architect certification (associate):

AWS Solution Architect Certification – Associate, Exam Overview

Length130 minutes (2 hours 10 minutes).
Format65 Questions (multiple choice or multiple responses).
Delivery MethodOnline proctored exam or Pearson VUE testing center.
Cost150 USD

Currently, this certification is offered in the following languages:

  • English,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • German,
  • Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese,
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese.

Remember that knowledge is power. While you prepare for the Amazon AWS solution architect certification, you will acquire the mentioned:

  • AWS compute, storage, networking, and database services.
  • AWS deployment and management services.
  • Deployment, management, and operation of AWS workloads.
  • Implement security controls and meet compliance requirements.
  • Identify which AWS services offer the best solution for a technical requirement.
  • AWS management console and Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Well-architected AWS framework, networking, and security services.
  • AWS Global infrastructure.

Furthermore, leave no loopholes and go through the Amazon AWS solution architect official exam guide.

Step 2: Enroll in A Good AWS Solution Architect Certification Course

Enrolling in a concise, precise, and up-to-date AWS solution architect certification course is not something that you can ignore.

The ideal course will not simply assist you in preparing for the exam but will also offer you job-ready skills. However, there’s a major issue when it comes to selecting the right course.

That is to say, most courses are either outdated or lack the material to help you pass let alone excel. Therefore, search around on LinkedIn or ask for recommendations from people who cleared the exam.

We’d recommend the Skillcurb courses as they are made with direct input from multiple certified cloud professionals who are always keeping their certifications up to date.

Regardless of the course, ensure that it offers in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced AWS concepts. In addition, it must include hands-on labs/exercises. 

Step 3: Review Your Skills Using an Accurate Practice Exam

By step three, you should be confident enough in your skills to just hop on and off AWS and know the services like the back of your hand.

However, acquiring an AWS certification for a solution architect means that you need to hone your skills frequently.

Simulated practice exams can help you achieve that, by throwing the latest questions from the official AWS exams at you with even bonus content.

It’s important to point out that there is some pressure when you go for the official exam. The pressure or first glimpse at the main thing can easily be overwhelming and not many candidates realize that regardless of their skills and knowledge they flunked the test because of a lack of confidence.

Therefore, practicing makes perfect. Practice enough by leveraging AWS certified solutions architect associate practice exam, and develop the necessary skills to easily distribute the exam time accordingly and answer all the questions with room to still check on your answers.

Step 4: Register for the AWS Solution Architect Certification Exam

You are a step closer to becoming a certified AWS solution architect. All that’s left now is to enroll for your AWS solutions architect certification exam.

Here’s how you can go on about it:

  1. Visit the AWS certified solutions architect – associate exam page.
  2. Click on “Schedule an Exam”.
  3. If you are not signed in, you’ll be asked to log in with credentials or register for a new Amazon account.
  4. Once done, click “Continue”.
  5. You’ll receive a prompt to select the language and your region.
  6. Afterward, choose the month that you want to take the exam in and click on “search” to find an examination center near you.
  7. From the list displayed, choose the examination center that is the closest to you.
  8. After selecting the examination center, you’ll be provided with available dates and time slots. Once you select that, you’ll be taken to the next screen.
  9. Finally, pay online with a card to register for the AWS solution architect certification exam.

That’s it! You’re officially registered for the exam. Now, all that’s left to do is put all that you learned to use and clear the exam and get your certification as a solution architect.

Step 5: Complete Solutions Architect Projects

It’s a common error to just believe that clearing the exam is everything. However, your journey to becoming a certified AWS solution architect is slightly longer.

A recommendation is that you apply for small jobs and projects to put your qualification and skills to practical use.

Don’t stay fixated on a single project. Work on as many different industry projects as you can. The best way to find a cloud job is by diving into freelancing websites, LinkedIn, or just looking up different openings for solution architect closeby or remotely.

It’s good practice to work on solid projects that will help you build a strong portfolio. This will give you enough insight and experience to know what it will be like to apply for and work at your dream job.

Step 6: Learn More About Skill Matrix for Cloud Solution Architect 

We have already covered who a cloud solution architect is and what is his role. However, it is still important that you learn more about the latest skill matrix for AWS cloud solution architect.

This step comes in after the exam because the skills required are constantly updated due to the ever-changing nature of technology. Therefore, ensure that you read the latest guides and know about the skills required to become an AWS cloud solution architect.

Step 7: Review AWS Solution Architect Interview Questions and Answers

Learning about AWS solution architect interview questions and answers has more significance than you might think.

In other words, if you already know what will be asked by the best hiring companies, you’ll already be a step ahead and prepared enough to easily ace all the questions.

Moreover, interview questions and answers also help you revise what you have learned. Therefore, not only do you gain confidence but you also have an easy, concise, and free way of revising what you have learned.

Take a Free AWS Solutions Architect Exam

Here is a free AWS solutions architect exam that will certainly get you started. Finding high-quality resources can be tough but we focus on helping candidates easily acquire AWS solutions architect certification without unnecessary hassle.

Preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Exam can be a daunting task, but there are free resources available to help you pass the exam and become a certified AWS Solutions Architect.

Nevertheless, one of the best ways to prepare for the exam is by using free study guides and practice tests. These resources can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the exam objectives, as well as give you an opportunity to test your knowledge before taking the real exam.

Additionally, taking advantage of the free AWS solutions architect exam mentioned above, can save you money and help you budget for other important expenses.

Not only that, but it also offers the opportunity to practice and familiarize yourself with the AWS platform which can be beneficial for your future career as an AWS Solutions Architect.

Overall, using free resources to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Exam can be a wise investment in your future as a certified AWS Solutions Architect.

Final Thoughts – AWS Certification for Solution Architect

Without a doubt, AWS certification for solution architect is one of the most valued certifications globally. As a certified cloud solution architect, you are already among the highest-earning individuals in the world.

Knowing what is an AWS solution architect certification and who is an AWS solution architect is an important part of preparing for your exam and finding the best job. Nevertheless, having a roadmap is not just important but also a necessity.

Your roadmap plays a key role in helping you get the AWS solutions architect certification. Therefore, ensure that you have a solid plan for each step in the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is AWS solution architect certification worth it?

Instant answer – AWS solution architect certification is 100% worth every second and penny you have invested in getting it. Even if your resume is half a page, the certification will make you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it has a significant impact on your salary as well.

Is AWS solution architect exam easy?

No, AWS solution architect exam is not easy. If you recall everything you learned about the certification, you will know that AWS certified solutions architect exam has an unbelievable payout. It is in a way that only a candidate with hands-on experience can understand them. However, with the right practice exam that has the hands-on lab, you can easily acquire the certificate.

What is the salary of an AWS solution architect?

As of January 2023, the salary of an AWS solution architect varies from 137,180 USD to 271,077 USD per year. This mostly depends on the company you work for. For instance, you are certainly getting paid more if you work for Amazon compared to working for a startup company.

Can AWS solution architect work from home?

AWS solution architect can work from home only if their company or organization’s policy permits that. However, that is highly unlikely since most businesses have a strict rule for working directly from an office space.