Google Cloud Certified – Cloud Digital Leader

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Learn Google Cloud with Hands-On Labs

Google Cloud is one of the most popular public clouds in the industry. Nearly all of the Fortune 100 companies are moving to the cloud, and being able to work with it is one of the most important skills for every developer, architect, or IT admin. This course, Cloud Digital Leader is designed for students, professionals, and people in non-technical roles such as sales who need to acquaint themselves with the GCP suite of products and services. This is the lowest level GCP certification achievable and is a great starting point. Our Cloud Digital Leader course, focuses on the digital transformation of the new age, followed by how one can innovate with data in the Google Cloud. Then we’ll explore cloud infrastructure and application modernization and at the end, we’ll go over cloud security and operations.

What you’ll learn

  • Digital Transformation with the Google Cloud
  • How to innovate with data and the Google Cloud
  • Google clouds infrastructure
  • Modernization of applications
  • Securing Google cloud
  • Google cloud operations


  • Existing GCP account
  • PC/Laptop with Internet Connection

Who this course is for:

  • Students wanting to get certified in GCP.
  • People who have to collaborate with technical professionals
  • Sales people who have to sell products with GCP services

BONUS – Free cheat-sheet inside (Downloadable)

Course Content

Cloud Fundamentals/Concepts
Resource Hierarchy
Global Infrastructure
Digital Transformation
Google Cloud Tools
Core Services
Essential Services
Migration Services
BONUS - Practice Exam

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