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Google Cloud Certified – Cloud Digital Leader
(6 Simulated practice exam)

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Google Cloud Digital Leader

Welcome to the SkillCurb Certified Google Cloud Digital Leader practice exam. This exam is designed to prepare you for the actual exam by providing a similar format and a number of questions.

Google Cloud Digital Leader Overview:

This practice exam offers the same number of multiple-choice questions which are 50 questions, with the same time allocated for completion, as the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam which is 90 minutes. Similar to the actual cloud digital leader exam, some questions only offer one correct response, while others require you to pick two or three options.

The practice exam includes 50 multiple-choice questions covering the following domains:

  • Digital transformation with Google Cloud (10% of the exam)
  • Innovating with data and Google Cloud (30% of the exam)
  • Infrastructure and application modernization (30% of the exam)
  • Google Cloud security and operations (30% of the exam)

These domains are given the same weight as they are on the official exam. The practice exam includes 6 exams with 300 authentic sample questions.

Who should take the Cloud Digital Leader exam?

This exam is suitable for technology leaders who want to demonstrate proficiency with the Google Cloud Platform, including system administrators, DevOps engineers, cloud architects, and cloud engineers.

What you will learn from the Cloud Digital Leader practice exam?

  • You can gain in-depth knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform and its related services and products by taking the Google Cloud Digital Leader exam. 
  • You will discover how to create and implement reliable, secure, and economical cloud-native solutions. 
  • you will discover how to lead a team in the cloud and analyze, interpret, and design strategies for data-driven choices. 
  • You will also learn more about current developments, industry standards, and best practices in cloud computing.

Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam Completion:

You are free to take as much time as you need on any one question, but you must allocate enough time to finish them all. Any questions that are not finished within the specified time will get no score as a result.

Cloud Digital Leader Exam Submission: If you try to skip any question and answer other questions, you can definitely do it, but you will receive a prompt before you submit an unanswered question. All questions need to be submitted as unanswered before you can proceed to the final results page, where the correct answers, explanations, and images for each question can be acquired.

GCC Cloud Digital Leader: Real Exam details


BONUS – Free cheat-sheet inside (Downloadable)

How to Attempt the Exam


Exam Instructions

  1. There are 300 questions inside this pack grouped into 6 exam sets
  2. Each exam set consists of 50 questions
  3. Apart from this exam the other exam sets are password protected
  4. Password is available inside this practice exam once this exam is purchased
  5. Result is displayed for each exam at the end of exam set
  6. The exam comprises of the following types of questions :
    i) Multiple Choice Single Response (MCSR)
    ii) Multiple Choice Multiple Response (MCMR)
  7. There is no negative marking.

There is a timer at the top of the exam screen that indicates the time remaining for the completion of the exam. The timer is dedicated for the entire exam (individual exam sets) and not for each question in the exam sets.

Google Cloud Digital Leader FAQs:

The best approach to keep up with the cloud, grow your career, and promote digital transformation is through Google Cloud certifications, which nourish, enhance, and certify your talents in developing cloud technologies.

The time duration for this exam is 90 minutes.

The test will include multiple-choice and multiple-selection questions and real-world technical situations to test your aptitude for determining the most appropriate cloud solutions and Google Cloud products.

You can register for the exam in both English and Japanese for around $99.

You have 14 days to retake a test if you don't pass the first time. The second time you take the exam, if you don't pass, you'll have to wait 60 days before trying again. But if you fail the test three times, you have to wait 365 days before trying again.

Yes, Before your certification expires, you'll get reminders to renew it 90, 60, and 30 days in advance. Email reminders will be sent to the email address you provided on Kryterion's Webassessor while registering for the exam.

Depending on your experience and objectives, picking the appropriate GCP certification is essential. But it's advisable to begin with a fundamental qualification, such as the GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification.

Yes, you can get a terrific head start on your career in the cloud with the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader certification.

The certifications for Associate Cloud Engineer and Cloud Digital Leader are valid for three years from the certification date.

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