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We are proud to have course instructors from around the world that are certified in cloud technologies and have years of practical experience working for Fortune 500 companies. We focus on the next generation of technology platforms that will prepare our workforce for what’s next to come in the future and secure a job in this competitive market. One of our goals is to set aside part of our revenues for charitable causes that focus on providing education to underprivileged students.

  • Our instructors are passionate about technology and have been teaching on average for more than 10 years individually.
  • We make sure that our Practical Labs in the courses are the center of focus where students can learn to implement real-life use cases necessary to succeed at work.
  • All our cloud courses have Capstone projects at the end where students can apply the skills learned during the course and create awesome projects which can be showcased on their resumes and interviews.
  • We bring to you simulated exams so that we can prepare you with knowledge and format for the real certification exam.
  • We make sure that all complex ideas are broken down and Visually Explained for the students rather than showing them long-winded text which at times is hard to conceptualize.
  • We make sure that our instructors communicate clearly and are highly proficient in delivering lectures in English.

Our Vision

SKILLCURB focuses at providing the distant education on basic to advanced Cloud technologies to students at their ease of access.

Our Mission

Transfer of knowledge around the world, enhancing students career path and reducing the overall literacy rate.

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